Cat Tent DIY

DIY: Cat Tent

During one of my many Pinterest pinning sprees I came across a series of photos that showed how to turn a t-shirt into a cat tent. I thought it was the cutest thing, but couldn’t find any step-by-step instructions. Below are the steps I took to recreate the picture collage I had seen.

What I Used:

  • Men’s large t-shirt
  • Wire hangers (x2)
  • Cardboard (x2)
    • 19in x 13.5in
    • 19in x 12.5in
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Safety pins (x4)


  1. Use your pencil and ruler to mark off a 19in by 13.5in area on your cardboard.
  2. Use your pencil and ruler to mark off a slightly smaller area of 19in by 12.5in on your other piece of cardboard. This second piece of cardboard will add extra support to your cat tent.
  3. Cut out both pieces of cardboard and set aside.
  4. CAREFULLY unravel both wire hangers.
  5. Push the wire hanger ends through one piece of cardboard slightly over a half inch from the edge.
  6. Remove the wires from the cardboard. This was to get an idea for spacing and placement.
  7. Use your masking tape to cover the edges of each piece of cardboard.
  8. Place the smaller cardboard piece over the center of the larger piece and tape them together.
  9. Use your screwdriver to carefully make holes where your test holes are. The screwdriver is to push through the original holes, since you will need to push holes through the second smaller piece of cardboard that is now taped to the larger piece.
  10. Thread the wires back through the holes. When threading one hanger wire you will want to make sure one end is in the lower right hole and the other end in the upper left. There will be about a 1in tail coming out of each hole. Bend these tails and tape them down. Use lots of tape so the wire doesn’t peep through.
  11. Repeat step 10 with the last wire hanger placing the ends in the remaining open holes.
  12. Make sure the wires create an arch or whatever shape you like. Mine looks like a circus tent. Add tape around the point where the two wires intersect to add stability.
  13. Place the cardboard and wires in the bottom opening of the shirt. You will want to push the cardboard and wires through until the neck opening looks like a door (see photo below for reference).
  14. Fold the ends of the shirt bottom to close the back of the cat tent.  Use 2 safety pins to secure the shirt bottoms. Try to use the safety pins where they will not be seen, you don’t want your cat to mess with them.
  15. Safety pin the left shirt sleeve using one safety pin.
  16. Do the same for the right shirt sleeve.
  17. You are done and ready to share all your hard work with your cat.

Share pictures of your cat tents with me on Instagram – @reminiscentrain

Happy upcycling!



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